When our team ventures out to find some cool, nifty thrift locations, they are thrilled when they run into piles of items all listed under a certain price. It’s akin to a comfort zone; we know that what we collect will be within this limit. This experience of finding a comfort zone is what we want to establish with Thrifter. So we have compiled a collection of all our thrift finds that fall within the price range of $5 & UNDER!

From accessories such as jewelry and belts to all sorts of clothing, there is something for everyone in this collection. And as we update our items, more and more are added to this collection so you'll never know what goodies will be up for grabs! 

The next time you shop with Thrifter, check out this wonderful collection of clothing and items for $5 & UNDER - it’s our way of giving you a HIGH $5! Thrifty Abe gives his seal of approval!