Thrifting is undeniably all about the experience. It is about the thrill of the find, the pleasure and enjoyment that you feel when you find a great bargain for items that you really want. This is what makes thrifting an exciting and rewarding experience. And since it is our desire to make online thrifting just as exciting and rewarding, we have put together a memorable experience that makes receiving an order from Thrifter just as fun and enjoyable as going out thrifting. 

This effort begins with a dedicated attention to detail. Every part of the order receives the attention it deserves, from the care the item receives prior to being shipped to the final postage stamp placed on the order that is ready to ship. Each article of clothing is carefully folded to fit compactly into its packaging, which makes receiving a Thrifter order a very convenient experience. We maximize the use of space so that more fits in less, making even large orders appear simple.

Like pieces are folded and packaged together to give your order a sense of organization. Each part is individually packaged and wrapped with kraft paper that is secured with a Thrifter seal. Once all parts are securely wrapped, they’re placed in their shipping package or mailing envelopes. But before they are sealed, every order receives a personalized note to give them a touch of unique identity.

We take the time to put care and attention into each order. And in doing so, we hope that we create a unique thrifting experience for all our shoppers. Thrifting should be fun and rewarding, so we treat every order like a new one. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!