Much of what makes thrifting an appealing and exciting adventure comes from the unique items that one can find. Even more so when the items come from a completely foreign place of origin. There is a certain appeal and added sense of rarity to the point that even the most common place of items can become a decorative piece simply because they were manufactured elsewhere. And besides visiting the country or place where they’re made, there are few other ways to come around to owning one of these pieces. That’s the beauty of online thrifting! We want to give our online thrift collection that sense of rarity.

We were fortunate enough to have one of our local thrifters think of us on their recent trip to Cuba and bring back a unique collection of thrifted items for Thrifter! These pieces highlight the Caribbean flair of the island with bright pastels and traditional musical instruments, including maracas that are typical of Caribbean and latin music. They even feature the lovely American Flamingo, a species native to the Caribbean islands and the only flamingo to naturally inhabit North America.

Made and painted by hand, the work and attention to detail is shown in this wooden hand-held fan, known as an abanico. A vibrant and colorful pink flower, detailed with glitter and outlined using the art of pyrography, is the centerpiece when fully opened.

The artfully painted tall wooden mug depicts a typical sunset, detailed with birds and a sailboat drifting in the calm waters.

And if you’re a collector of license plates, these authentic Cuban plates are sure to add a warm touch to your collection!

Be sure to check out the rest of this Cuban thrift collection, and keep an eye out for more like these! We plan to include more thrifting adventures such as this one and add a taste of the many cultures and peoples from around the globe.