Fashion trends come and go like the seasons. And distressed jeans are one of these trends that have recently returned. First becoming popular in the 1980s and returning to style during the 90s grunge era, they’ve recently become a hot item once again and were ruling the streets of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. Denim has largely been common in fashion, but adding the distressed look gives your outfit a certain edge and definitely a much more dynamic look.

But with such hot fashion items often comes a very hefty price. And this is particularly true for designer distressed jeans, with some retailing for over $300.

Our philosophy at Thrifter is to provide the latest trends in fashion at affordable prices. So we’ve compiled a collection of our jeans and have taken it upon ourselves to manually distress them! The process requires meticulous attention to detail and sharp precision, even though the look being created is one that portrays disarray. But even within chaos, order has its place.

Precise incisions are made where stress naturally occurs, like the fold of the knee, back pockets, and even the seams at the cuff ends of jeans.


After this, they are washed and dried to give them a more profound aged look.

And the results could not be more spectacular!


Check these out and more of our collection!