Have you ever found yourself eager to clean out your closet but the task seems too overwhelming? After all, a closet often becomes the go-to spot for storing and putting away just about everything. Well, you’re in luck! We’re more than used to cleaning out closets – it’s what we do! So to help make this process not just easier, but enjoyable and rewarding, we’ve put together some guidelines on how to clean out your closet!

Empty out your closet

The very first step is to create some working space. And that space is your closet. This may seem counterproductive, but by removing everything from your closet, you’ll make the whole process much easier. Instead of handpicking individual items, you will get a look at everything that’s been sitting there, unworn and unused. So survey the area, scout around, and start taking everything out!

Sort it all

Now that you’ve moved everything out of your closet, it’s time to sift through it all and sort your items into three distinct piles: keeping, donating, and selling. This is why emptying your whole closet is so important – you’re now able to closely organize and sort everything you’ve brought out.

·      Keeping: place all items you intend to keep in this pile.

·      Donating: use this pile to place items that are not in proper selling condition but     can be donated towards a good cause.

·      Selling: this pile is for the items you no longer use but are in good condition to        consign.

Try them on

Now that you’ve organized and categorized your closet into separate piles, it’s time to try on each piece. This stage is the final sorting phase that let’s you see if you have placed the items in an appropriate pile. Sometimes you choose an item to keep that’s in good condition, but it no longer fits as it used to. This would be a good item to switch to the Selling pile. The same is true for something you’ve placed in the Selling pile. Perhaps it’s a piece you wore once, some time ago, and now would be the ideal time to see if it fits your current taste and style. Should you like the piece, transfer it over to the Keeping pile.

Question Yourself

As you’re trying on the clothing, you may find yourself torn between Keeping and Selling. This is perfectly fine and an important part of making the final decision between the two. Should you find yourself hanging on the decision, ask yourself if you will wear the particular piece again, or if it fits your current taste and style, or if it would be something you’re inclined to purchase today. These questions allow you to get an idea if the piece will just end up sitting in your closet again. And some pieces you may just find yourself keeping for sentimental reasons – all valid questions to help you sort out your closet. Keep these questions in mind as you’re trying on your clothing and answer them should you find yourself debating your decision.

But most importantly, have fun! Enjoy this moment you’ve set aside for yourself to rediscover old styles or develop new ones. Make it an event with friends and loved ones, because an extra opinion could be helpful! And remember, it will be worth it! You would have made some space and organized your closet, donated to a good cause, and sold some items for a bit of extra funds!

So we hope this guide helps you out when cleaning out your closet. We know it has worked for us and believe it will do the same for you!