Miami has so much to offer when it comes to cultural and community activities. I enjoy the fact that I have been able to witness the growth of Miami’s artistic neighborhoods. Wynwood is one of the neighborhoods that has expanded over the years with a bustling artistic and music scene. The eclectic neighborhood has been a stumping ground for independents in a world of the arts looking to make a name for themselves. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have made this place home as they sell their handmade goods to the public. It’s great to be in a city that offers a platform of opportunities for these innovators to be supported by their community with monetary means. Many organizations connect locals with these entrepreneurs.


          Thrifter is one of these organizations that has bridged the gap between locals and small business owners through the entertaining vibes of the Thrifter Market. I had the opportunity to finally attend Art Walk, which is held every second Saturday of the month in Wynwood. Art exhibits, musicians, and businesses join forces at this community event and it’s a favorite to the public.


          Thrifter Market is posted right on NW 2nd Avenue where all the action is happening. The market is filled with many vendors that offer goods ranging from trendy sunglasses to creative clothing. It was great to see the variety of vendors…something for everyone.


          Two specific vendors caught my attention. I purchased a cute bohemian accessory from Karlee Feed Your Head and I adored the vintage eyewear selection offered by Mod Pixels. What I love about shopping local is the appreciation you can visibly see from the vendor. It makes you want to come back and support them even more.


          Thrifter is creating the opportunity for small business owners to connect with their community and I love that. Supporting local small businesses is important and it provides the community with economic growth.  I applaud you guys and I encourage all to attend this event; the atmosphere is enough for you to come and check it out.  Make sure to follow Thrifter on Instagram and view all events they have coming your way.



Special thanks to our guest blogger Victoria McCoy from SistaMIA!

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Thrifter Market at Wynwood Art WalkPineapple Paint at Wynwood Art WalkWynwood Art Walk Thrifter Market at Mana Vintage Mod Pixels at the Thrifter Market in Wynwood Art Walk