One source of collaborations here at Thrifter is the art of finding all things cool and blogging about it. Having the opportunity to work with bloggers like The Luxe Lion and Valeria Amaral has moved us aesthetically as they feature Thrifter Market vendors. Every month we gather some of the most diverse collection of products that support local businesses and the community at large.


Why do we love capturing this? What are we really trying to do here?


We want to tell a story. The story of so many artisans and how they made all of these dreams come to life. A glimpse into what Miami really looks like. Of course tourism, beaches, and the vibrant night life make this city move, but I believe the locals have another message to give. Something deeper and more authentic. That’s been my constant struggle at least. I am always on the hunt for the unique and I love when people help me discover it.


This is why we love our blogger community. You help me search beyond. I can’t tell you how often I am influenced by some of my fave bloggers both from Miami and outside. I hit the jackpot every time a new restaurant or clothing line is posted. Inspiration is contagious.


We want you to tell your stories with us. What drives your aesthetic? What brand are you building for yourself? We want to partner alongside you and move towards a beautiful collective. Something impenetrable and solid…where we can look back and testify that we made this city a better place.


Thrifter is a creative community. We can only thrive artistically with you. Take a look at our Blogger Sign-Up form and become a part of this movement. Let’s curate the cool together.