Refreshing our mind, body, and soul, we met a powerhouse vendor that is making these kind of waves both domestically and internationally. More than just changing the current in how soap is being made, she is revolutionizing her home country during such a critical time. Meeting this symbol of inspiration compelled us to not only showcase her craft, but to encourage this spirit of corporate responsibility. We believe that as we develop a kickass business model we in turn consider the economic, social, and environmental benefits on others. This babe is doing just that.


KatKat is a Venezuelan native who discovered her need for hygienic products that would not irritate her skin. Out of this need she birthed her own line of vegan-based soaps. Her vendor tent at the Thrifter Market was filled with these goodies and all of the most delicious fruit smells you could crave. Her best-selling soap is composed of Passion Fruit and it obviously sold out. She makes every single bar with love and her repeat customers can tangibly sense it; they know her by name and they keep coming back for more.


She is not just known in our own backyard, but in the virtual world in her home country. Connecting through social media and webinars, KatKat is teaching young girls and women how to make vegan soap. In the light of corruption and poverty, Venezuela is facing massive political and economic crises leaving people unable to purchase soap. A solution dreamt and now being fulfilled is showing us how a business can help our world move beyond barriers. This harmony between a product and making an impact is truly beautiful!


Are you a vendor with a message? We love meeting vendors and we want to feature what YOU are doing. What better way to do this than applying for the upcoming Thrifter Market at Wynwood’s Art Walk on November 12th.  Vendor applications are open and we want to spread the word about you and be a voice for all that you do!


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