One of the most important factors to consider when showcasing a product is how that product will be showcased. Seems a bit obvious at first, but when comparing different forms of displaying items of clothing or jewelry, how they are displayed has become a completely new field and industry on its own. The amount of dedicated work and meticulous attention to detail that goes into putting together a well-thought-out display is astounding. And the more work that goes into any given project the more effectual its purpose will be.


A photoshoot borrows concepts from fields such as psychology, sociology, art, fashion, and even physics. Certain colors are more easily perceived to the human eye, certain styles are more accepted and particular to a society, certain artistic styles are more prevalent, certain fashions are more on trend, and certain natural effects, like weather, can emphasize an article of clothing. And this is just the start.


When compared to an isolated image of a product, as opposed to a stylized photoshoot, a solitary image becomes just that – solitary. While it does have its purpose, to display an individual item in all its glory, it pales in comparison to an image that is in its nature purposeful, designed to emphasize and elicit an emotional response.


“That looks so good on her!”


And indeed it does. Thankfully, the fashion industry is incredibly liberal. Persons from all around the world mix and match, switch and swap, and uniquely develop their own sense of style. But everything is, at one point, an inspiration. More often than not, these inspirations come from others displaying their own sense of style. And putting together a photoshoot is part and parcel of the whole display. Picking and choosing which pieces complement or accentuate the other.


How will one piece look under certain lighting versus another?


Does this style blend well with the setting?


These are all questions that go into preparing for a photoshoot. And you’re all in luck. A photoshoot is currently in the works. We’re looking forward to displaying what we have put together and hope these Summer styles will inspire you all! Stay tuned for the photos!