Thrifter Market has not ceased to amaze me with its community of vendors found every second Saturday of the month. This past weekend was a complete success as there was both a great turnout and a vast selection of vendors, each with their own unique form of creativity. From vegan soaps to hand-made jewelry, Thrifter Market attendees were all smiles. Silent Revolution also made an appearance with their colorful, wireless headphones that play music via three different stations; you choose your vibe and dance it out!

Thrifter Market specifically collaborated with VASE as they celebrated their 1-year anniversary. Elisa, the extremely congenial founder of the business, was excited to join forces on this special day. Her accomplishments in this operation speak loud and clear through her passions and innovations. VASE is a company that not only creates intricate shoes that light up with an array of colors around the sole at the simple touch of a button, but that also gathers and features artwork in their gallery.

However, the unordinary prevails for this art gallery. VASE created a traveling art gallery by converting a food truck into an air-conditioned and comfortable space to showcase their products. This revolutionary model radiates wondrous imagination on all levels as they display the artistic DNA of Wynwood. It is purely ingenious and we cannot wait to see more.

If you haven’t been able to experience Thrifter Market yet, November 12th is your next chance to witness what you have missed out on. You will not be disappointed by our community of vendors. If you are a vendor and are interested in joining, contact the Thrifter Market today.