SnipTease is a Thrifter classic and fave as we look back at this year’s Wynwood Life Festival and Fashion Show event. Melodie Blaize, lead designer, has been snipping away since 2011 and she can pretty much make magic with anything. My first time meeting her, she literally cut her way around my shirt as I stood there at the festival. Amazed not only by her obvious sick talent, but also her ability to not stab me!


From crop tops to dresses, Snip Tease can make any ordinary outfit cutting edge. Enjoy the pun. All my ladies in Miami can pretty much rock this look as we live in this constant state of eternal summer. When we have that one winter day when we can finally breathe in fresh air, you can use it with your leather jacket. And then melt mid-day.


If you are looking for something new and ways to liven up your closet, check this vendor out.


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