The Thrifter Market made its debut this month and what a turnout! Joining forces with Swarm, the Thrifter team organized the vendor portion and featured artisans of all kinds. About 40 vendors occupied the bustling streets of Wynwood and showcased unique products that locals love. From street to vintage wear, the line-up of products were eclectic and caught every kind of customer’s attention. Despite the typical Miami monsoons that strike us at almost every odd and unfortunate hour, the vendors were patient troopers and waited for the downpour to calm down.


I had the pleasure of speaking to one of these exuberant vendors known as Vintedge Life, ran by two amiable, powerhouse women named Beatrice “Bea” and Julianna. Julianna loved the event and had never worked at Art Walk before. Bea has worked at Art Walk before and was even more excited to join with Thrifter being in charge. Their whole booth revolved around a retro/vintage style, including clothing and accessories. Bright colors permeated their tent and reflected an eccentric flavor, attracting every passersby. Julianna and Bea were the epitome of this vibe as they were just as enchanting as their products. It was beautiful to see how their business parallels with their own personalities and the heart behind their products.


If you have yet to experience the Wynwood Thrifter Market on the second Saturday of every month, be sure to make plans to attend on October 8th. Just like Vintedge Life, the Thrifter Market will continue to feature amazing vendors. Supporting our local community is of essence, and Thrifter works hard to provide that collective every month. If you are vendor out there and want us to spotlight your work and story, shoot us a message! Who knows…you might be next.

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