So this post is going to be totally biased and it will serve as my public fixation with all things India. So just bear with me.


Last month we featured India Origins as one of our vendors at the Thrifter Market. Seeing them post up all of their majestic décor, clothing, and jewelry got me way too excited. I’ve never been to India and wish every day that I was there, but if anyone inspires me in my own backyard it would be this beautiful vendor.


India Origins was birthed in the same spirit when they visited the rich culture back in 2014. From the colors to fabric, they bring to life this distant wonder.


Some charming items are their mandalas, pillows, boho crop tops, and clutches. You can use any of them to add color and uniqueness to your daily life. It gives some edge to bohemian looks. You don’t need to buy a whole Saree (traditional dress in India). Just add a bindi or two!


Take a South Asian trip without ever leaving Miami!