Wynwood Artwalk put together by Thrifter always manages to gather together great and interesting individuals from all walks of life so that they may share to the world whatever innovations they have to present to society. I had the great pleasure of being able to meet another vendor who falls under this category. This vendors name was Open Card Now and I got to speak to the head of the operation whose name was Julie.


            Getting to listen to her story was quite interesting and something that I have never really seen before.  You see, Julie loves to travel but her means of transportation is quite unique. She is quite fond of going to distant countries and biking in them, taking in each of its own sounds and sceneries. Just last year this hobby of hers took her all the way to Asia where her craft of hand made pop up cards came to light. As she was biking through some markets in Vietnam she would stumble onto these intricate forms of art, ultimately leading to her wanting to present this art to the rest of the world.


            Ever since her encounter in Vietnam about a year and a half ago Julie decided to take it upon herself and master this art and sell it to the public. While taking a look at her different products any onlooker can tell the amount of time taken into account in order to make each of these unique cards. Julie described how these cards could attract the eye through the designs kinetic movement as the card opens up and the structure pops up, something that only could be achievable through the use of hand made art. This was her reasoning as to why she does not mass-produce her cards but only makes them by hand with her team.  While looking at the many designs that were laid out in front of me, varying from a Ferris wheel to a teddy bear, I could clearly see what Julie meant when she said that machines could not replicate these designs.


            If you are interested in picking out your own design you can check out Julie’s website, Open Card Now! There you can either choose from there selection of paper sculptures to purchase or you could contact them and tell them if you want something specific.  Julie was glad to be part of the art walk, being happy with how Thrifter organized the event such as giving her enough space.  If she isn’t busy traveling again she said that she would definitely want to be a part of it again. If you are interested in becoming a vendor and showing off your craft to the people of the art walk contact Thrifter here and they will give you the low down on what you need in order to do so.

 Open Card Now at the Thrifter MarketOpen Card Now at Wynwood Art WalkOpen Card Now Snowman Pop Up CardOpen Card Now Monkey Card at Thrifter MArketOpen Card Now Shark Pop-up Card at the Thrifter MarketOpen Card Now Ferris Wheel at the Thrifter Market