How To Prepare For The Thrifter Market

How To Prepare For The Thrifter Market

Setting up shop at a vendor market requires quite a bit of energy and effort. It’s no easy task to haul hundreds of products, equipment, refreshments, and other essentials from town-to-town as you try to make time for every event. With Thrifter recently unveiling the Thrifter Market at Wynwood’s Art Walk and having previously been vendors ourselves, we wanted to share some of the best tips to make sure that you are Art Walk ready!

Festival tent

A festival tent is surely going to be one of the best investments made if you are interested in frequently attending festivals like the Thrifter Market in Wynwood. They are the alpha and omega; the first and last part of the setup process. And with some of these events starting during the day, they provide much-needed shade and comfort for vendors and festival patrons alike.

Proper storage

Organization is key. As vendors often carry hundreds of products to craft festivals, it’s vital to have your products properly stored and organized in compartments or bins that allow for efficient loading and unloading.

Clothing and display racks

Your products are going to be the primary focus of potential customers that enter your tent. They should be as organized and visible as you would like them to be if you were shopping throughout the market. Having to rummage through piles or boxes can be discouraging, so make sure that your products are properly displayed and arranged in such a way that access to them is not inhibited.


As the event hours enter into the evening, ample lighting becomes a necessary addition to your tent. Electricity is often provided at these events, as it will be at the Thrifter Market. Be sure to have plenty of sources of light that cover every corner of your tent, as well as extra bulbs in storage for replacements.

Lengthy extension cords

While electricity is provided, each vendor has to make sure that all electrical cords are able to reach the source of electricity. This requires extension cords that are several feet long, as well as multi-outlet cords to power several electrical tools and lights.

Product bags

As customers make purchases of your products, it can be very uncomfortable to have to walk out with a product in hand. Having product bags in-store is one way to eliminate this discomfort, and it is also a hallmark of prepared vendors. To further raise the bar, branded bags are a great way to gain more exposure and truly shine throughout the market.

Cash register

Many transactions will be made in cash, so it is crucial to have a register that will keep the flow of cash organized and stress-free. From something as simple as a hip sack to a fully automated cash register, find what best suits you. Also, be sure to carry plenty of change ($1s, $5s, $10s) with you before the commencement of the market.

Credit card reader

So if you are interested in attending a craft show or festival like the upcoming Thrifter Market, keep these tips in mind! Not all of them are necessary, but they sure do help to ward off any additional kind of stress. After all, these events primarily circulate around the fun and excitement of the community and fellow vendors, so being prepared is a guaranteed way of enjoying each and every one of them! Click here to sign up!

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